Here are a couple of my "mathy" designs that have appeared on the MIT homepage in the past. As some may know, the MIT homepage is updated every day with a new design that spells the letters M, I, T in a creative and non-typographical arrangement. 
If I submit more designs in the future, they will be posted to this page.
A larger version:
The spotlight was on a new book, "Recountings", on the history of the MIT math department that had just come out that week. I am grateful to the mathematics Dept. Head, Prof. Michael Sipser, who helped me get the design on the homepage and also gave me a signed copy of the book as a gift!
Some information about the design for the general public:
Here is the Khayyam-Pascal triangle in rod numerals (from Wikipedia):

The second design is a bit nerdier. If you want to challenge your integration skills, verify that the third integral below indeed gives the constant "T".
Here is the info for the general public: