Old Projects

Here are a few projects from the good old undergraduate days at the University of Maryland (either class projects or projects for undergraduate summer research programs).

An electrical circuit demonstrating chaos
(Class project for MATH 452, "Chaos and Dynamical Systems", with Prof. James Yorke)
This is a simple circuit (a variant of the celebrated Chua's circuit) that consists of an inductor, two capacitors, a bunch of resistors, and two operational amplifiers. It exhibits interesting chaotic behavior such as a Rössler attractor, a double scroll attractor, and a series of period doubling bifurcations. Below, you can see some simulations of the underlying differential equations, and some video clips of an actual experiment. What is being plotted is the voltage across one of the capacitors vs. the voltage across the other. The bifurcation parameter (which is what I am adjusting in the video clips) is a variable resistance.
  • The Rössler attractor:
  • The double scroll attractor:
  • Video clips:
    • Full bifurcation ---
    • Period doubling cascade ---
    • Rössler and double scroll attractors ---

Automatic license plate identification
Joint work with J. Neville, J. Sobota, M. E. Ucal
(Class project for ENEE 408G, "Multimedia Signal Processing", with Prof. Shihab Shamma)


Adjustable time delays for optical clock recovery systems
(MERIT summer research program; advisors: Prof. Thomas E. Murphy and Dr. Reza Salem)
Final report won First Prize in the District of Columbia Council of Engineers and Architects’ Societies Awards for the best undergraduate technical paper)
  • Slides for a presentation at the Optical Fiber Communication conference, 2006 [ppt]

Fractal patterns in chaotic fluid mixing
(TREND summer research program; advisors: Prof. Thomas M. Antonsen and Prof. Edward Ott)
(project won the TREND program first prize)
  • Poster presented at the International Conference on Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics, 2006 [pdf]